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 Do Not Allow in Guild (Banned List)

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PostSubject: Do Not Allow in Guild (Banned List)   Mon 23 May 2011, 8:01 am

LAST UPDATED: 10-22-15

Active Banned Players:
1) Ghost753 - Thief, Liar, generally Untrustworthy (Caedes)

2) Dah342 - A Giant douche, crybaby, makes empty threats, cant control emotions, generally a person with what people used to call "issues" rather than slap a disorder on it and give pills. (By Gutie) (Legion of Fallen Gods) 

3) Djc0sty - rude to members, buff thief (Ascension)

4) mopmop - Thief, asks for "borrowing FSP/loans" steals and doesn't pay back (The Highlanders)

5) Nausicaa - Repeated rage flareups, leaving guild on two occasions while in a rage after being allowed back into the guild. Genuinely seems to fly off the cuff for seemingly no reason, rages at gulidmates for seemingly no reason (Coalition of Freedom)

Inactive / Banned Banned Players:
1) Hjga - Guild Hopper (Inactive Account)

2) Naim011 - Multiple Accounts (Inactive Account)

3) ZeiiphonJ - Left Guild Twice Without Reason (Inactive Account)

4) Xou123 - Took Items Off Bofgi Without Asking (Inactive Account)

5) Liam17 - Arguing with other players, mouthing off to a Founder (Inactive Account)

6) Srututut - Extreme Inactivity (7+ days) (Inactive Account)

7) Marumaru5 - Inactivity (5+ days) (Inactive)

8. Mukaman2 - Extreme Inactivity (7+ days) (Inactive Account)

9) Ironclod - Extreme Inactivity (7+ days) (Deleted)

10) Valuks12 - Recalling gear from online players without asking  (Inactive Account)

11) Monster01 - Extreme Inactivity (14+ days) (Inactive Account)

12) Chinsiumu - Extreme Inactivity (14+ days) (Inactive Account)

13) Fallen0ver - Highly Inactive, Never Talked in Guild, Left guild without explanation (Inactive Account)

14) MrKobe24 - No message Guild Hop (Inactive Account)

15) Eviltemp - Left for stupid reason and no message (Inactive Account)

16) Tawebyrd - Poaching Guild Members / Rude Behavior (Inactive Account)

17) Hellsing1 - Left Guild for Selfish Reasons (Inactive Account)

18) Numberlawd - Recalled items then left guild without explanation (Deleted)

19) ArtistG - No message (2x) + Selfish Reasons (Deleted)

20) Preto64 - Entering GvG without permission / can't follow directions (Inactive Account)

21) SKevin - Buff Thief / Overall Dishonest (Deleted)

22) Marya - Well known Buff Thief in FS (Deleted) 

23) def1878 - multi accounts, shady, seemingly acquired gear that would be improbable to obtain via legitimate means, likely hacker. (Inactive Account)

24) spritfox - seeks founder permissions immediate upon joining, shady, widely believed amongst other guilds to be a front account for hacking other users. (Deleted)

25) Rebornjedi - left for dumb reasons, not a team player (Inactive Account)

26) john1984 - Borderline psychotic behavior, possible multi, obvious interpersonal "issues" (Inactive Account)

27) Skethz - Guild thief, has been known for buff stealing. and stealing gold/fsp/items "borrowed/loaned" to (Inactive Account)
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Do Not Allow in Guild (Banned List)
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